Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Small bites

Jana here! At RootsTech 2016, we heard Steve Rockwood (FamilySearch CEO) encourage people to share their family stories in "small bites" to enrich the lives of those they share with. It's brilliant. No overwhelmingly long book to read. No boring reports. Just a brief, touching little bit of family story ... short enough for even a child's attention span.

This idea really touched my dad, a writer/genealogist, and he has since kicked off the hashtag #ancestorclips and given some examples of one-minute genealogy at his blog:
My husband spends some of his train commute time each week on family history research. Today he found himself low on data and decided to do some writing/sharing instead of searching. He sent us this beautiful little clip of his memories of Grandma Greenhalgh (which I suggest he should attach to her memories tab in FamilySearch's tree!)

"My earliest memories of grandma are at their home in Nephi. Grandma loved to tell us stories. I remember her telling us about Little Hiawatha. Although I don't remember any of the details, I remember it was fun to be with her. She always worked hard and loved to tell the story of the little red hen. Any time someone wasn't pulling their weight she would remind us how the little red hen did the work and enjoyed the reward while the other barn animals were lazy and didn't. I remember one time when me and my brother Scott were staying in Nephi for a few days and grandpa was taking us fishing early each morning. We would get up about 4 and pull the boat to scofield reservoir and troll for the morning and then come back home with our catch. I remember we came back and Scott, who generally liked yard work more than me, was out in the afternoon mowing the lawn while I watched TV. I remember grandma coming in and gently hinting that Scott was earning his keep while I...well she didn't say it, but I knew what she meant. I also remember trips with grandma and grandpa to Lower Bowns to fish. They'd pull their little airstream trailer down and the rest of us would camp. Grandma would play games in the car with us like "going on a trip". In this one we would each, in turn, say something we would bring and each person has to remember all the previous items. It got difficult after a few rounds! I also remember her food...particularly camping. She would always make cowboy delight and bring it in mason jars. Their airstream trailer and cowboy delight will always be synonymous with camping for me. Grandma was a great family historian and loved to share what she had learned. I learned a lot from her and was always happy to share anything I found with her because she would be so excited about it. I'm rambling here at bit, but I also remember grandmas home made mac and cheese. I think it was mostly pasta with milk, but she made it with just the right amount of cheese and plenty of black pepper and I loved it!  I have tried many times to replicate it, but without success. 
Grandma had a strong testimony of the gospel and the temple, but I never heard her preach with words. Everything was done with actions. She served in the temple faithfully, served her family faithfully, and was dedicated to thrift and self reliance. She was dedicated to family history and the history of the church. She loved to tell the stories of our Knight family ancestors and how they helped the prophet Joseph in his work in obtaining the plates and other parts of the restoration.  She loved her home in the mountains. I remember a lot of big family parties, particularly around the holidays. Grandma made everything great!"