Monday, March 7, 2016

John Ault ... from Doveridge to Cedar Fort

John Ault, my great-great-great-grandfather lost his mother when he was just three years old.  At the age of nine, he left his poor shoemaker father in their hometown of Doveridge, and started working on the railroad.  Eventually he found himself a couple of counties away where he met the Tirrells of Wicken, Northamptonshire.  He married Rachel Tirrell and together they moved their young family to America.  John worked for railroads in Utah and they settled in Cedar Fort.   I love Cedar Fort.  Each time I drive through that pretty valley (not far from my home), I think of John and try to picture the railroad that used to pass through.  My little boys love to play with trains ... maybe they got it from the Ault side of the family!  Perhaps someday we'll travel to Doveridge, England where we'll picture young John riding away on the railway to his future ...



Our grandpa is a writer and a genealogist.  He has created this template to help people write short, meaningful, powerful stories about their ancestors.  Try it out and don't forget to use the hashtag #ancestorclips when you share on social media or anywhere.

I think we'll try it out in our next post!!

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