Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tree tips, jokes, research rules & no-no's ... UPDATED!

Now that Episode 2 is complete, we're excited to film Episode 3!  FYI, our master-plan includes 6 episodes which are designed to be a basic "HOW TO RESEARCH YOUR ANCESTOR" series.  

Episode 1 focused on conducting a "preliminary survey" ... this is the first step in any research project.  Look around to see what you already know, talk to family, and see what's been done online.

Episode 2 focused on which records might help you to document your ancestor's "vital information" ... that's birth, marriage, and death.

Episode 3 should be quite exciting ... okay, we'll just tell you: It's all about discovering the setting of your ancestor's life (we'll jump into censuses and study the places & periods our ancestor's lived in).

As episodes are released, we'll update our Tree Tips, Jokes, Research Rules, and No-No's pages on this blog.  Thanks for reading/sharing!!

Stay tuned to see what THE GENEALOGY KIDS will do next...