Wednesday, February 3, 2016

RootsTech Day 1

RootsTech is off to a great start!  Today was the Innovator Summit, a day for tech brains to combine with genealogy brains and see what great ideas they can come up with. Here's a shot of the semi finalists for the Innovator Showdown:
The products demonstrated were awesome and have now been narrowed down to six that will compete again Friday. I had a good conversation at dinner tonight with one of the innovators from TapGenes. They have some great ideas. 
I had a lovely tour of the Church History Library and made friends with these nice ladies. What an amazing resource this library is! 
A highlight was meeting my friend Jana.  She's a genealogist, a blogger, a RootsTech Ambassador, a curly-headed brunette, and she married a guy named Brent. (We are not the same person, but close.)
I also sat by Sally Odekirk at dinner... She happens to be the lady that edited my Ensign article a few years back (about youth doing family history work). Small world.
Watch this hashtag to see some fun pictures from RootsTech. So excited for 3 more days of greatness! #rootstechforever