Saturday, February 6, 2016

RootsTech Expo Hall Treasure Hunt

Today I (Becca) went to RootsTech with my friend Jessica. There was a treasure hunt for kids in the massive expo hall.
We were racing to be one of the first 50 kids to finish the treasure hunt to get a prize. First we played old games from the past. Jacks is not as easy as it looks.
Second, we played "Replace your face" at the Family Discovery area. We laughed so hard we cried:
Then, we learned about our names and what happened the year we were born:
Next, we called our Grandma and asked her questions about when she was a child:
After that, we recorded a story in a real sound booth and copied it to a flash drive:
Finally, we found a family history coloring station where we quickly colored enough to get a signature. Then we raced to the finish line ... and........ WE WON!! 2 free T-shirts!
Oh, and we also collected a whole lot of candy in our new swag bags. Yah!!