Sunday, July 17, 2016

Worldwide Indexing Event 2016

Did you participate in the FamilySearch indexing event this weekend? There's still a few hours left to participate!

Indexing is a great service project, and kids can do it! (But we keep mom close by for help reading tricky handwriting).
This weekend we helped to index Kentucky marriage records, World War II draft registration cards (these are fun because they give a detailed physical description of each person), and UK Probate abstracts (that's a good project if you don't want to read handwriting ... It's typed!)
A few tips for kid-indexers:
1. Index with a buddy that can help you read the records.
2. It's okay to index just a few names at a time (some batches are pretty big for kids, but your work will be saved even if you don't complete the whole page).
3. Have a bowl of candy close by.
4. Think about the people you're indexing and what life may have been like for them.
5. Enjoy the unusual names and information you discover.
Nathan just indexed a marriage record. The bride was 14 years old ... Nathan's age. Crazy!
Handwriting can be a challenge. Nathan just said "Why did people write so weird back then?" and "These people are so old they didn't know how to write." But if you've made it through 3rd grade cursive class, you've got some handy skills. Just do your best and ask your parents or a friend for their opinion on the tricky spots.

Even though indexing can be a challenge, it can also be fun, so give it a try! #TheWorldsRecords