Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amazing Family Reunions

Warning: by the time you read this post you'll wish you were in our family. But then you'll realize that you can use these ideas in your own family, and everything will be okay. (Our family really is pretty cool, though.)

WHAT MAKES A FAMILY REUNION AMAZING? Well, it's got to be fun for everyone ... all ages. Our family just pulled it off in a big way, and we'd like to share some of the successful ideas with you:

LOCATION: We chose to book some vacation rental condos for a few nights in sunny St. George, Utah. This was a central meeting spot for our family since many live near Salt Lake and many live near Phoenix. By picking this location and putting it on the calendar a year in advance, we were able to get 90% of our family to attend!
It never hurts the kids' feelings if there are swimming pools involved.
ACTIVITIES: Reunions need just the right balance of fun, family time, nap time, and meal time. At our recent reunion we spent three days together, and most of the time was flexible, but some fun options were: dinners together as an entire extended family, swimming, games, swimming, crafts, swimming, movie watching, and swimming. 
T-SHIRTS: No, really. You have to get matching T-shirts. Nothing says family unity better. You'll get over the cheesiness. Our Hardman grandparents had six kids, so each of those six branches of the family got a different color, but we all had the same design on the front. 
Seriously, how adorable are these mini matching reunion shirts!!?
Stay tuned for more fun reunion-related posts!