Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Have you tried the Little Family Tree app?

Hey kids! Hey parents! Hey grandparents! You've got to play with this app!!

Kids of all ages have been playing Little Family Tree at our house for the past few months, and we highly recommend it!

Little Family Tree uses the information and "Memories" in FamilySearch's Tree to create games that are all about YOU and your ancestors. ("Memories" include photos, and for this game it's important to make sure you have at least one photo in FamilySearch for each of the children and ancestors who you hope to see in the app.) Upon opening the app, kids can easily tell the app "who is playing today."

The app (free and paid versions) include a variety of games. The 2-year old loves the uncover-a-picture game. All he has to do is rub his chubby little finger all over the screen and he reveals pictures of his family.

There's a matching game, musical game, watercolor painting game (that one's pretty awesome), and more. It's all included in the "home" screen (which is actually a cute house:

This app is not just for the little guys. My teenagers are completely entertained by it.

The Little Family Tree app was created by the very talented Finlay family, who I've been privileged to meet at local genealogy conferences. Check out their booth in the Expo Hall at RootsTech in a few weeks. (Woohoo! RootsTech is just a few weeks away! For more RootsTech information, click HERE.)