Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kid stuff in the expo hall at RootsTech

I've been watching closely for kid-friendly stuff in the expo hall. Saturday will be the real test (when a bazillion kids show up for Family Discovery Day) and I know they have fun activities planned. But here's a few good finds so far:

On "Innovation Alley" I was happy to find a fantastic new app for the young ones. This app, Little Family Tree, has several cute games and the creator told me they have more games in the works.

These nice people have created "The Game of Genealogy" board game. It actually teaches real genealogy research principles as you play!

Janet Havorka's Zap the Grandma Gap products are plentiful and quite creative. Lots of ideas in these books! She does a good job.

I was also quite impressed by a demo I had at the Family History Guide booth. They have a children tab on their site that contains many helpful links. And for the teenagers and bigger kids, their training resources for FamilySearch seem to be quite useful.

One of the finalists in this morning's innovator showdown made me think of the kids: Twile (and congratulations to them for winning 3rd place and People's Choice) is an online timeline for your family history and family present. It looks to me to be a great, very visual way to teach your children about the family they belong to.

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